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Gear List



Chris Hess' studio gear list:

Soundcraft 40x16x2Vienna

 ProTools 8 platform (PC)
Command 8 automated mixer
Digidesign 003
28 inch monitor     

Studer  A807 1/4 inch reel to reel  

Sony 1/4 inch mono reel to reel (old style of recording and mastering)

Monitors (speakers)
PSB  10 inch
British nearfields(LS5A)


Roland Space Echo

AKG C414 Mrk II
Cad 8000 tube(2)
Cad 6000 ribbon(2)
AKG C1000 (1)
Cad 412 kick drum  mic
SM57 (4)
SM58 (4)
SM87 boundary micophone (1)
Cad GXL 1200 (4)

Pre amps
Groove Tube SUPRE
Precision 8(True System) 
TLaudio C2
Universal audio pre amp(s) (available upon request 

Drum Sets

Gretsch Catalina Club Birtch (4 pce.)

18 kick, 14 snare,12 rack,14 floor 

Premier Artist Birtch (4 pce.)

20x 14 kick, 14 snare, 12 rack,14 floor

Mega Zildjian collection(40plus) 

additional 20 inch 70's Gretsch kick drum for the knockout punch(used on a few Big Sugar songs that we all know that are huge).

Soundcraft Vienna 2  40 Channel

Studer A807 RM


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About Chris

Chrisí musical journey began with the influence of his father, Wolf Hess recording the likes of Richy Havens, Murray Mclauglan, Loreena Mckennit, and many other recording artists.

Gear List

Chris Hess' studio gear list.


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